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Our team works closely together to increase the value of each asset. We implement our strategic plan to provide you with attractive risk adjusted returns


Market Identification

At VMG Properties, we meticulously implement a time-tested strategy that consistently delivers superior returns for our investors.

Our dedicated team continually monitors market trends and completes in-depth research into emerging sub-markets, identifying those characterized by strong, long-term economic fundamentals.

By concentrating our efforts on high-growth markets and pinpointing opportunities that offer lower beta and higher alpha, we provide our investors with a distinct advantage

Property Acquisition

Our experienced team specializes in uncovering underperforming multifamily assets that have strong value-add potential. Through conservative underwriting and extensive due diligence, we ensure that each acquisition aligns with our investment goals.

We leverage our deep network of brokers, developers, and real estate professionals to gain proprietary deal flow and often get the first look at off-market or lightly marketed properties. This strategic approach to property acquisition sets us apart in the competitive real estate landscape.


Asset Management

We leverage our own in-house, institutional-grade property management company to strengthen our local market knowledge and gain real-time market data.

Together, we develop reposition plans and management strategies tailored to each property, enhancing its appeal and maximizing its value.

Our hands-on approach to asset management includes high-quality, amenity-rich renovations that resonate with residents. By consistently monitoring and enhancing the resident experience, we build thriving communities while driving robust returns

Asset Disposition

In our commitment to maximize the longevity and value of our investments, VMG Properties systematically evaluates its portfolio based on a range of performance metrics.

We strategically dispose of properties that show limited future upside or whose business plans have been fully executed, making room for new, stronger investment opportunities. This approach ensures that our investors' portfolios remain dynamic and primed for growth.

Expect regular distribution of investment returns and the long-term capital appreciation of your portfolio, reflecting our strategic asset disposition practices.


Acquisition Criteria

VMG Properties seeks investment opportunities that meet or exceed the following criteria:

Property Size

20+ Units


Southern California (AB1482)

Stabilized Cash on Cash



1920s to 1980s

Location/Property Grade

C to A-

Internal Rate of Return

Target Project Level 12% - 15% +


$5 Million to $40 Million +

Hold Period

3 to 7 Years

Equity Multiple

Target Project Level 1.5x +